Barry Food Sales partners with Red Gold to bring you a full line of Ketchup and Tomato products. We can help your school district meet the new USDA Meal Pattern requirements for Red/Orange Vegetable Servings.

With more than 30 restaurant-quality tomato and ketchup products available through the USDA Commodity Processing Program, Red Gold is your trusted supplier of tomato products produced from the USDA Material Number 100332 Tomato Paste Totes.

You add the menu item, Red Gold brings fun flavors:

- Spaghetti Sauce
- Salsa
- BBQ Sauce
- Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce
- Marinara Sauce
- Ketchup
- BBQ Sauce 
Call Barry Food Sales at 800.378.1548 to order and arrange for samples.
New to Commodity Processing
Captain Ken's
Fully cooked beef products
(chili, taco meat, tater tot casserole, sloppy joe, etc.)
Mrs. Clarks
(Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise, Butter, etc.)
Call for more details.