Kay Food Marketing Inc.

The future of feeding our future.

With over 50 SKUs available nationwide and 200+ SKUs in development, we provide a diverse range of specialty products, including keto, kosher, clean label, and gluten-free options, across the frozen value-added food sector.


K-12 Product List

CODEMeal Kit
CBCP144Bean & Cheese Pupusas
CBCP144Bean, Cheese & Spinach Pupusas
CCO189Cheese Omelets
CCCM30Chickpea Chana Masala
CCCMRSM12Chickpea Chana Masala w' rice & Spinach Meal
CCT30Crispy Tofu
CCTLMM12Crispy Tofu w' Lo Mein Meal
CFBA30Falafal Balls
CSR30Falafal w' Rice & Spinach Meal Spinach Rice
CSWFP72Southwestern Frittata Patty
CVCF50Vegetable & Cheese Frittata
CVC30Vegetarian Chili
CVCRSM12Vegetarian Chili w Rice & Spinach Meal
XWGCW144Whole Grain Carrot Waffles
CWGERBCF80Whole Grain Rice, Bean & Cheese Empanada
CWBBN30Whole Wheat Breaded Broccoli Nuggets
CWBCN30Whole Wheat Breaded Cauliflower Nuggets
CWGB30Whole Wheat Breaded Green Beans
CWBOR30Whole Wheat Breaded Onion Rings
CWGGCBIW72Whole Wheat Cheese Blintzes with Strawberry Sauce IW
CWCCBBIW72WW Cream Cheese Bagel Bar IW
CWECSB72Whole Wheat Egg & Cheese Stuffed Bagel
CWLM30Whole Wheat Lo Mein
CWMCB30Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese Bites
CWPC100Whole Wheat Pancakes with Cheese
CWPBJBMIW72Whole Wheat PB&J Bar Mini Grape IW
CWPBJSGIW48Whole Wheat PB&J Sandwich, Grape IW
CWPBJSSIW48Whole Wheat PB&J Sandwich, Strawberry IW
CWSBJS48Whole Wheat Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich IW


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